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KILL, STRENGTH and ACTIVITY a basis upon which to reckon the value of all individual labor. Each of these is divided into three grades, and the highest valued workman is he who stands first in all. The first grade in

skill is considered equal to both the first and second grades of strength and activity in e


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stimating wages; and there is no first grade of skill allowed, except in those ind


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ustrial operations requiring much manual training. The workman begins his career


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usually in the lowest grades of each, although at times strength and activity



are raised one grade at the beginning. The wages of all labor are uniformly established by the government, in accordance with the standing of the individual and the certificate he holds, according him his status under this method of estimating his ability. From middle life to old age changes usually occur in his grade, and his[Pg 179] apportionment of wages is consequently modified; but so long as he retains his skill it goes far to keep up the allotment of fair wages against the loss of strength and activity. This is merely an outline of our system. Its importance will be under

stood, when you consider that by it we have established a uniform rate of wages for all, and have saved our workmen from helplessly submitting themselves to the natural competition of dependent numbers, and to the exacting patronage of a selfish and independent few. Although we have achieved this desideratum of uniform wages we are not unaware of the economic impossibility of rendering them constant, and we have accordingly arranged that th

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